Why Outsourcing DMCA Services Makes Sense

People who create original work, products, images, classes, training, music and other information are protected under the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA). This was passed in 1998 to protect intellectual information and attempt to drastically reduce copyright infringements for information sold online. Just because something is available on the internet does not mean it is all free of charge. People make their living creating courses, music videos, software, WordPress websites, and many other items and information online.


Copyright infringements can be accomplished be hiding links in the original material to guide potential customers to another site that is not affiliated with the original website. Products, books, or courses are offered at a discounted rate. Most customers do not realize they are on another site and purchase the product. Every time this deception occurs the criminals get rich and the person who spent time and talent to create the information gets cheated. Once a site is detected, a request to have the site removed is submitted.


Infringements and theft happen much more than people might think. It is easy for tech-savvy criminals to plant a link or steal information without the owner of the material ever realizing money is being taken away from them. They are spending their time and talent creating and do not give DMCA a second thought. To begin to understand the scope of the problem, set up an appointment for a free consultation with a takedownczar. The website will be accessed, weak points will be identified, and services will be customized to address specific problems.

Peace of Mind

Owners will receive monthly reports detailing any infringements detected and how they were removed. Most illegal sites originate out of the country and are difficult to trace. A combination of an innovative Enforcer protection platform and the managed services of a takedownczar is designed to get results to provide a high return on the investment. Pricing is based on the services needed or desired to accommodate businesses of any size and budget. You work hard to create original products and information so be sure to hire an experienced company to protect your rights online.